The Immigration Service Providers Network (ISPN) increases collaboration by providing opportunities for education and outreach to unite organizations that support the foreign born and their families. 

About ISPN

Our Focus

  • Networking among organizations serving immigrant and refugee individuals and their families.

  • Educating service providers on relevant immigration laws and policies to assist them in better serving their clients.

  • Supporting coordinated and collaborative efforts for increasing capacity within community resources.

  • Promoting awareness of public, private and community organizations as well as resources for immigrant and refugee individuals and their families.

ISPN Executive Committee

  • Chair – Meredith Rataj

  • Co-Chair – Julie Fox

  • Secretary – Jacquelyn Ballard

  • Membership Committee Chair – Ruth Terry Vilches

  • Communications Committee Chair – Aya Kawasaki

  • Service Providers Committee Chair – Sarah Barekzai