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MIRA Statement on Supreme Court Ruling on Arizona’s SB 1070

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Col. Tim Fitch speaking to the dangers of legislation like SB 1070

Monday, the Court struck down three out of four major provisions of SB 1070, recognizing what immigration advocates have long advocated: that states cannot create their own immigration policy.   A 50-state patchwork of immigration laws is both untenable and unconstitutional.

By refusing to strike down the “Show Me Your Papers” provision, however, the Court fails to recognize the full harm that SB 1070 will have on the everyday lives of people.  While leaving the door open to future challenges, this decision will result in many more immigrant and minority residents being profiled, discriminated against, and unjustly incarcerated before the Court rules on the civil rights implications of that law.  Section 2(b) is based on the ugly premise that the U.S. and states should continue to marginalize and vilify immigrants in our communities by enforcing policies that are both impractical and un-American.

Missouri has faced legislation similar to Arizona’s law and Alabama’s HB 56 – most recently in the form of SB 590 during the last legislative session.  Not only have these laws been shown to be expensive and divisive in other states, but a threat to immigrant and non-immigrant residents alike.  Missourians will not stand to see our immigrant and refugee communities persecuted by “Show Me Your Papers” policies like the ill-advised laws of other states.

The need for meaningful, comprehensive immigration reform has never been clearer.  Now is the time for politicians on both sides of the aisle to end the partisan gridlock and come to the table to develop common sense policy that creates a path to citizenship for the undocumented, respects the dignity of immigrant families, and creates communities where all are welcome.

The Missouri Immigrant and Refugee Advocates is coalition of faith, labor, community and business organizations that recognizes the intrinsic value of all people, and organizes and advocates for the basic rights of all immigrants. 

DHS’s New Deferred Action Policy

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

On Friday, June 15th, The Obama Administration announced that DHS will now be able to offer deferred action to certain undocumented individuals who otherwise would have qualified for the DREAM Act.  We are awaiting further information from the relevant agencies regarding how the policy will be implemented.  As more details become available, we hope to keep you posted.

For a description of the policy, other resources, and FAQ’s:

Dept. of Homeland Security’s FAQ

American Immigration Lawyers Association

American Immigration Council

This is good news on the road to our ultimate goal, comprehensive reform of our broken immigration system.

This is a positive step in the right direction, and has the potential to offer relief to thousands of immigrants and families who have been living in the shadows.  The new policy, however, does not offer a path to citizenship for DREAMers, and it is not the end of our fight.

 *As a note, when policy announcements like this are made, our community often sees and uptick in notario fraud – unscrupulous practitioners who will take immigrants’ money while they fraudulently claim to be able to help them with their legal issues.  When seeking council or representation, make sure you are working with a licensed attorney or an accredited representative.

 As always, please feel free to contact the office with questions.

In Solidarity,


March with MIRA at the Webster Groves Fourth of July Parade!

Monday, June 18th, 2012

Join MIRA in the Webster Groves Fourth of July parade and help us celebrate the diversity of the United States on Independence Day!! Click here to register!


The Webster Groves parade is one of the largest community celebrations on the Fourth in the St Louis area, and MIRA wants to make sure that New Americans and the diversity of the United States is represented on Independence Day. Please join us, and bring friends.Everyone is welcome! Click here to register

-Meet us at 8:30 AM –Our parade start location is at the intersection of Selma Ave and Swon Ave, which can be reached from Big Bend Boulevard. (parking information to be announced)

-Begin marching at 10 AM (The walk is between 1.5 and 2 miles and will take approximately two hours.)

-If you have some traditional, multicultural clothing that you would like to wear that would be great. Otherwise just dress in either red, white, or blue.

-We need volunteers with vehicles to meet marchers at the end of the parade to give them a ride back to their cars at the beginning. Please let us know if you can provide transport.

-Water, signs to hold, and candy to throw will be provided.

Click here to register!

We hope to see you there!