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All Eyes are on Springfield

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

A petition backed by the Minutemen, a nationally recognized hate group, has been offered in the City of Springfield that would require every business in the city limits to participate in the federal E-Verify program.  We know from other localities where this has passed that mandating use of this flawed, expensive system results not only in excessive expense for small businesses and cities, but in racial tensions and discrimination within the community.

Tell the Mayor and City Council to let the voters stop this divisive, unnecessary proposal!

Next Monday, the City Council can vote to either make this discriminatory measure law, or to put it on the ballot for the voters.  Tell the Springfield City Council to let the voters decide!  Together, we must defeat the Minutemen and make Springfield and our state a more welcoming and respectful place!

Click Here to send an email to the Mayor of Springfield and the City Council telling them let the voters defeat the Minutemen’s hateful initiative!

Hate is not a Missouri value!

Join MIRA for “Inalienable Rights”

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Join MIRA Friday, September 23, for a special fundraising showing of “Inalienable Rights: From Pearl Harbor to 9/11.”

Click here to reserve your tickets!

“Pearl Harbor and 9/11 – Sixty years apart, these are two of the largest attacks on American soil, creating the two greatest national emergencies in our history. After Pearl Harbor, 70,000 born citizens of the United States of Japanese descent were rounded up and put in Internment Camps. After 9/11 Arab and other Middle Eastern Americans who were citizens of this country, were racially profiled and too often became “persons of interest” whose rights were seriously curtailed.

This play explores the meaning of citizenship; how far we are willing to limit the rights of United States Citizens in times of national emergency; and how fear can prejudice everyone against people who look like ‘the other.'”

Tickets for this event are $40 and proceeds benefit MIRA’s work to make Missouri a more welcoming and respectful place for everyone.

Click here to reserve your tickets today!